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TACO KIT delivered 16.04

TACO KIT delivered 16.04

69,99 €

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This kit is suitable for a 4 people family. If your have more guests to serve we advise to order 2 kits. TACO kit is a DIY feast box consisting everything you need to make rich flavored tacos.


The shelf life of this kit is until 17.03.2021



Pre cooked and oven ready

Grass fed beef tenderloin with roasted onions 200g

Baked chilly chicken stripes 200g

Baked Mexican style beans 200g V

Onion rings 8pcs


Pre made cold fillings

Salmon ceviche 150g

Tortillas 12pcs (15cm) V

Tomato-coriander salsa with avocado 500g V

Romaine lettuce 100g V

Red cabbage stripes 100g V

Pickled red onion 200g V

Chilly mayo 250g V

Mango mayo 250g V

Lime 1pcs V

Jalapeno 50g V



Cheesecake 4x100g G,L,VT


G= contains gluten, L=contains lactose, V=vegan