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BAO KIT delivered 23.04 (without bamboo steamer)

BAO KIT delivered 23.04 (without bamboo steamer)

49,99 €

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This kit is suitable for a 4 people family. If your have more guests to serve we advise to order 2 kits. BAO kit is a DIY feast box consisting everything you need to make rich flavored bao burgers.


The shelf life of this kit is until 25.04


BAO kit includes


Pre cooked and oven ready

Pulled grass fed beef 200g

Baked chilly chicken stripes 200g

Marinated tofu 200g V

Bao buns 8 pcs G, V


Pre made cold fillings

Korean carrot salad 150g V

Red cabbage stripes 120g V

Fresh coriander 20g V

Spring onion 20g V

Roasted onion 20g V

Chopped nuts 30g V

Black sesame seeds 20g V

Ponzu mayo 120g V



Mango Tapioca dessert 4x100g V

Fortune cookies 4pcs G,VT


G= contains gluten, L=contains lactose, V=vegan, VT=vegetarian